Web Developer Services

I offer custom web design for clients who need a big presence on the internet but within budget for a small business. I work closely with clients to tailor their web design to meet very specific business needs. From site map generation, through content development and graphic design, I can design and build a site that not only gets noticed but can increase your business. From Logo Design, Photo Enhancement, Print/Promo, to Website Design, I can create a custom package to work within your budget and needs. :-)


Design Phase:

  • Secure domain name and hosting package
    Typical first pass design
    5-7 business days
  • Initial Concept Designs & Revisions
  • Create all files Adobe Dreamweaver
  • CSS Design
  • Test in Firefox/Explorer PC/Safari
  • Graphic design and .html development



Since no two site designs are alike, I quote each job separately. Although I can put together a custom package (i.e. logo and web design), I generally charge an hourly fee. My rate is $40 per hour for web design. Sure, you can get it done for less, but you might also end up doing it over!